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Welcome to the Supporters Club page.   

December Winner : Matt Kirby.
November Winner : Ethel Wallace.
October Winner : Ciaran & Michele Kirby.
September Winner : Liam & Carmel Glennon.
August Winner ; Tom & Siobhan Mullarkey.
July Winner ; Dermot Garvin.
June Winner ; Vincent and Eilish Austin.
February Winner ; Brendan Kirby.
2020 January Winner : Dolores Glennon
December Winner  : Ray & Sandra Gavigan.
November Winner  :  Joe Glennon.
October Winner : Pat Garvin.
September Winner : Myles and Ben Clarke.
August Winner : Adrian Murphy.
July Winner :  Andrew Drake.
June Winner : Damien Grennan.
May Winner : Noel & Bridget Cannon.
April Winner : Pat & Marie Corbett.
March Winner : Tommy Lynch.
February Winner : Barney Drake.
2019 January Winner : Liam & Carmel Glennon.
December Winner : Joe Clarke, Dysart.
November Winner : Tom & Siobhan Mullarkey.
October Winner : Vincent & Eilish Austin.
September Winner : Dolores Glennon.
August Winner : Seamus Whelan.
July Winner : Matt Kirby.
June Winner : Damien Grennan.
May Winner : Dermot Garvin.
April Winner : Ethel Wallace.
March Winner : Gerry Whelan.
February Winner : Joe Glennon.
2018 January Winner : Ciaran & Michele Kirby.
December Winner : Andrew Drake.
November Winner : Pat Garvin.
October Winner : Joe Clarke (Dysart).
September Winner : Damien Grennan.
August Winner : Dolores Glennon.
July Winner : Pat & Marie Corbett.
June Winner: Tommy Lynch.
May Winner : Matt Kirby.
April Winner: Vincent & Eilish Austin.
March Winner: Olly Kirby.
February Winner : Brendan Kirby.
2017 January Winner : Liam & Carmel Glennon.
December Winner : Ben & Myles Clarke.
November Winner : Tom & Siobhan Mullarkey.
October Winner : Seamus Whelan.
September Winner : Noel & Bridgie Cannon.
August Winner : Vinnie & Eilish Austin.
July Winner : Pat Garvin
June Winner: Adrian Murphy.
May Winner : Dolores Glennon.
April Winner : Andrew Drake.
March Winner : Ethel Wallace.
February Winner : Dermot Garvin.
2016 January Winner : Pat & Marie Corbett.
December Winner : Barney Drake.
November Winner : Adrian Murphy.
October Winner : Joe Clarke (Dysart).
September Winner : Matt Kirby.
August Winner : Tommy Lynch.
July Winner : Liam & Carmel Glennon.
June Winner: Olly Kirby.
May Winner : Gerry Whelan
April Winner : Gerry Whelan
March Winner : Olly Kirby
February Winner : Ciaran & Michele Kirby.
2015 January Winner : Vinny & Eilish Austin.
December Winner : Tom & Siobhan Mullarkey.
November Winner : Pat & Marie Corbett.
October Winner : Noel & Bridget Cannon.
September Winner : Ben & Myles Clarke.
August Winner : Gerry Whelan.
July Winner : Pat Garvin.
June Winner : Brendan Kirby.
May Winner : Andrew Drake.
April Winner
: Adrian Murphy.
March Winner : Dolores Glennon
February Winner: Pat Garvin
2014 January Winner : Gerry Whelan.
December Winner: Ethel Wallace
November Winner : Pat Garvin
October Winner : Noel and Bridget Cannon
September Winner : Pat and Marie Corbett
August Winner : Matt Kirby
July Winner : Dermot Garvin
June Winner : Ben and Myles Clarke
May Winner : Gerry Whelan
April Winner : Barney Drake
March Winner : Gary Fallon
February Winner : Vinny and Eilish Austin
2013 January Winner : Dermot Garvin
December Winner : Tom & Siobhan Mullarkey
November Winner : Ben and Myles Clarke
October Winner : Johnny Carey
September Winner : Liam Glennon
August Winner : Ciaran and Michele Kirby
July Winner : Seamus Whelan
June Winner : Pat and Marie Corbett
May Winner : Johnny Carey
April Winner : Adrian Murphy
March Winner : Brendan Kirby
February Winner : Matt Kirby
 2012 - January Winner : Andrew McCabe.
December Winners : Gerry Whelan, Alo Geoghegan, Myles and Ben Clarke.
November Winner : Tom and Siobhan Mullarkey.
 October Winner : Joe Clarke (Dysart).
September Winner : Liam Glennon
August Winner : Barney Drake
July Winner : Dolores Glennon
June Winner : Joe Clarke (Dysart)
May Winner : Vincent and Eilish Austin
April Winner : Seamus Whelan
March Winner : Michele Kirby
February Winner: Eddie Bouabbse
 2011 - January Winner:  Tommy Lynch
DecemberWinner:  Johnny Carey
November Winner:  Barney Drake
October Winner:  Liam Glennon
September Winner:  Eddie Bouabbse
August Winners:  First Prize - All-Ireland Football Tickets: Seamus Costelloe
Second Prize - Meal Voucher for Middleton Park, sponsored by Teerstown Construction - Pat & Marie Corbett
Third Prize - Bottle Brandy, sponsored by Joe Giles - Joe Clarke, Dysart.
July Winner:  Alo Geoghegan
June Winner:  Gerry Moore
May Winner:  Ethel Wallace
April Winner:  Seamus Costelloe
2010 - March Winner:
Matt Kirby

Photos of the prizewinners receiving their prizes are posted on the photos page.

A sincere thanks to everyone who has joined up so far and membership is still open for anyone wishing to join for future draws. Ciaran Kirby(0868271179) or Pat Garvin(0863842718) can be contacted for any information about joining up.